Later, Tex wanted to start his own little “circle,” which pissed Manson off, but it was too late.

Mindhunter Season 2 Recap What Happened In Each Episode

By this moment in Manson’s timeline, he’s been in prison for six years. When he enters the room, Ford stands up as if he’s awaiting the arrival of a dignitary, which clearly doesn’t sit well for Tench. Carr had instructed the two to try and talk to Manson about his family (the Manson family, not his real family), but that almost immediately goes off the rails. Manson starts claiming that the witnesses who testified against him were only looking to protect themselves, and that Helter Skelter wasn’t real (he later signs Ford’s Helter Skelter book —”each night as you sleep I destroy the world”). Manson also claims that he didn’t hear messages in The Beatles White Album, but one of his Manson girls Sadie (real name: Susan Atkins), didn’t and that she and Manson family member Tex Watson decided to plan some copycat murders to get another family member Bobby Boselie out of jail. Later, Tex wanted to start his own little “circle,” which pissed Manson off, but it was too late.



Boeing 737 MAX Jet airliner Finance

The Daily Routines of 10 Women Artists, from Joan Mitchell to Diane Arbus

After she left New York for New Mexico in the late 1960s, Agnes Martin eschewed socializing, plumbing, and electricity for uninterrupted studio time. She described her painting, in part, as a way to escape her psychiatric troubles—namely, schizophrenia. Her friend in New Mexico, Donald Woodman, recalled that “she had to quiet…voices [in her head] in order to reach the core of what she wanted to paint, which took an incredible act of will.” Martin established regularity in her life by wearing coveralls, reading murder mysteries, maintaining a vegetable garden, and occasionally dining with Woodman. For dinner, she’d assemble unusual meals from eggs, peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, packaged meats, and whatever crop she was growing that year. For Martin, ritual wasn’t just a means of making work, but of triumphing over her illness.


Marks & Spencer Jill McDonald Steve Rowe

The 50-day moving average is more responsive to price changes than the 200-day movingWhereas long-term trend followers generally use SMA200 and most shareholders will look for a cross above or below this average to represent if the stock is in a bullish or bearish trend. They were drawn up to provide guidelines for the best practice in corporate governance for all Luxembourg companies listed on the regulated market of the LSE. What powers do shareholders have to appoint or remove directors or require the board to pursue a particular course of action? Members of the supervisory board are appointed by the shareholders in a general meeting. They shall be appointed for a term set by the general meeting of shareholders, which may not exceed six years, but are eligible for reappointment after this period. Members of the management board are appointed by the supervisory board unless the articles of association reserve such competence to the general meeting of shareholders. They may be removed by the supervisory board or by the general meeting of shareholders, if provided by the articles of association. The general meeting of shareholders has powers reserved to it under the Companies Act. An amendment to the articles of association, an increase in the capital of the company and a reduction of the capital require the approval of the general meeting of shareholders (both by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast at an extraordinary general meeting, the quorum for which is at least 50 per cent of the issued share capital).

The annual dividend is also approved by the shareholders’ annual general meeting, though, if provided for in the articles of association of a company, the board of directors may proceed to the payment of interim dividends. The articles of association may provide that the board of directors or the management board, as the case may be, can suspend the voting rights of any shareholder in breach of his or her obligations as foreseen in the articles or the subscription deed. The Law of 24 May 2011 on the exercise of certain rights of shareholders in listed companies, as amended, provides, in principle, that only shareholders holding shares of the listed company on the record date may participate and vote at a general meeting of shareholders. The articles of association of a listed company may authorise shareholders to vote by correspondence or electronically prior to a shareholders’ meeting by means of a voting form provided by the company. In a private limited liability company, general meetings may be convened by the members representing more than half of the capital. In listed companies, one or more shareholders representing together at least 5 per cent of the share capital are entitled to request that additional items be put on the agenda of any shareholders’ meeting and to submit draft resolutions for items on the agenda. Shareholders may not, however, force the board to circulate any kind of statements as they shall be under duty not to divulge any information that they have concerning the company, the disclosure of which might be prejudicial to the company’s interests, except where such disclosure is required or permitted by a legal or regulatory provision applicable to the company or is in the public interest. Controlling shareholders do not owe any particular duty to the company or to the non-controlling shareholders under the Companies Act. However, pursuant to the Law of 19 May 2006 on takeover bids, if a shareholder acting alone or in concert acquires securities of a company whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market that, when added to any existing holdings of those securities, give him or her voting rights representing one-third of all of the voting rights attached to the issued shares in the company, such person is, in principle, obliged to make a bid for the remaining shares as a means of protecting the minority shareholders of that company.

Also, the Law of 11 January 2008 on transparency requirements for issuers of securities, as amended, provides that a shareholder shall make a notification to the company, where Luxembourg is the home member state of the company and the shares of the company are admitted to trading on a regulated market, if the shareholder acquires or disposes of shares so that the proportion of shares held by that shareholder reaches, exceeds or falls below the thresholds of 5 per cent, 10 per cent, 15 per cent, 20 per cent, 25 per cent, one-third, 50 per cent or two-thirds. The Law of 21 July 2012 on mandatory squeeze-out and sell-out finally provides that the majority shareholder, when it acquires or disposes of securities resulting in attaining, falling below or exceeding a previously attained threshold of 95 per cent, must notify the company and the Luxembourg Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector as soon as possible and no later than four business days thereafter. Examples of corporate forms that may have unlimited members include general partnership (SNC), limited partnership (SCS), cooperative company (SC), partnership limited by shares (SCA), temporary association and equity association. The Companies Act lists certain management acts for which the liability of the limited shareholder is not unlimited in relation to third parties. In addition, the Takeover Directive provides that restrictions on the transfer of shares, or on the voting rights of a target company (whether statutory or contractual), are not effective in relation to the bidder during the acceptance period for a bid (the ‘breakthrough’ rule). Companies that apply the board passivity and breakthrough rules can be exempted from applying those rules if they become the object of a takeover bid launched by a company not applying those rules, provided authorisation is given at a general meeting of shareholders of the target company. Authorisation to increase the capital on one or more occasions up to a specified amount (the authorised capital) may be granted to the board of directors or the management board by the company’s articles of association or by the general meeting of shareholders by means of an amendment to the articles of association. It may be renewed on one or more occasions by the general meeting of shareholders deliberating in accordance with the requirements for amendments to the articles, for a period which, for each renewal, may not exceed five years.

The board of directors or the management board can take any action necessary or useful to realise the corporate object of the company, except the powers reserved to the shareholders’ meeting by the articles of association or by law. Any limitations to the powers of the board of directors or the management board resulting either from the company’s articles or from a decision of the competent corporate bodies are not enforceable towards third parties, even if they are published. The directors or the members of the management board must act with loyalty, honesty and in good faith for the exclusive benefit and in the corporate interest of the company. Where there is a violation of the Companies Act or a violation of the articles of association of the company, the directors, the members of the management board and the supervisory board are jointly and severally liable with regard to the company and any third parties, including individual shareholders, if the individual shareholders or third parties have suffered a distinct and independent prejudice. If authorised by the articles of association of the company, the board of directors may also delegate its management powers to a management committee or to a managing executive officer. However, such delegation may not comprise the general policy of the company or the whole of the actions reserved to the board of directors pursuant to the law. The Companies Act does not contain any provisions on the criteria that an individual director or the board as a whole must fulfil or related disclosure requirements. The size of the board is determined by the shareholders’ general meeting in accordance with the Companies Act and the articles of association.

Is a minimum or set number of board meetings per year required by law, regulation or listing requirement? The Companies Act does not set a minimum number of board meetings a year, except for European companies where the board of directors or the management board shall meet at least once every three months at intervals laid down by the articles of association of the company to discuss the progress and foreseeable development of the business of the company. Directors, as such, are not employees of the company and so general rules on mandates and corporate law will apply. Is there any law, regulation, listing requirement or practice that requires evaluation of the board, its committees or individual directors? In accordance with the LSE Principles (which are applicable to listed companies only), the board of directors is required to discuss its operation, the effective fulfilment of its remit and compliance with good governance rules at least once every two years. Further, the delegation of the day-to-day management within the one-tier system in favour of a member of the board of directors shall entail the obligation for the board to report each year the delegate’s salary, fees and any advantages granted to the general meeting of shareholders. In addition, the LSE Principles provide for the establishment of a remuneration committee from among the members of the board formulating a remuneration policy for directors and managers. Even if an annual general meeting must be held at least every year in Luxembourg, the shareholders of the company representing one-tenth of the corporate capital may request, at any time, the management board, the board of directors, as the case may be, and the supervisory board and the statutory auditors to convene a general meeting within one month.

Jamie Bell Kate Mara Love Island

Love Island’s Yewande Biala finally gets a snog from Michael Griffiths

With the fifth series of Love Island now on air, there’s a brand new cast of contestants set to become our new summer obsessions. Here’s everything you need to know about Yewande Biala, who’s spending her summer cracking on in Majorca Meet Yewande Biala… Who is Yewande coupled up with on Love Island? Yewande coupled up with Michael after the two failed to find a match in the initial coupling ceremony. But now that new boy Danny has asked her out on a date, could that all be about to change? Twitter: @yewande_biala Instagram: @yewande_biala Yewande is a scientist and keen to prove that there are “intelligent people” on reality TV, comparing herself to last year’s Doctor Alex George and series three runner-up, Camilla Thurlow. “Every time I say that I’m a scientist, people are shocked,” said the 23-year-old. “I think there are loads of intelligent people on reality television.” “I don’t think there is a science to finding love and if there is then I have clearly been reading the wrong books!” she joked. It’s not all work and no play for Yewande, whose Instagram shows her partying in Dubai, Monaco and in her home town of Dublin.

I’m a tad dramatic and I can be lazy,” she admitted about herself. “I am a terrible flirt but I’m such a girly girl!” What is Yewande looking for in the villa? Anthony Joshua is her ideal man, but scientist Yewande believes she will have chemistry with someone with good banter in the villa. “Someone that has good banter and someone that is easy to get along with and honest. What has Yewande been up to in the villa? After a slow start to life in the Love Island villa, Yewande finally got herself a date with new boy Danny. “I’m happy that Danny is in the villa,” she said, post-date. “He’s great company and I’m just really enjoying getting to know him.

I’m really happy.” And with Molly-Mae making eyes at Danny, Yewande appears to be ready to go to war, too. Molly-Mae has her eyes firmly set on Danny, but what does Yewande have to say about that?! #LoveIsland — Love Island (@LoveIsland) June 10, 2019 Love Island launches Monday 3rd June on ITV2 Love Island fans have often been left questioning where Yewande Biala is, and even branded her as “missing” from the show over the course of the series. The 23 year old scientist has barely been seen during season five, whereas the likes of Curtis Pritchard, Tommy Fury and Lucie Donlan have all been featured none-stop. But during the first episode of Love Island Aftersun, host Caroline Flack decided to address her absence – and had a simple reason as to why Yewande hasn’t been seen as much as others. She explained: “We haven’t really seen enough of Yewande yet have we, but is it purely because she just hasn’t fancied anyone…” All that could change, however, as she’s set to enjoy a cute dinner date with new bombshell Danny Williams. In clips from the show, Yewande could be seen saying to the girls: “I’m excited to get ready and get glammed up and go on the date. “I’ve been looking forward to going on a date so it’s nice to get out of the villa and meet someone new and hopefully form a romantic couple.” Danny had admitted he thinks Yewande could be the one for him.

He told The Daily Star: “From what I can gather from what I’ve seen so far, I think Yewande ticks a lot of boxes. “We’re all in there looking for love, but she’s her own woman and doesn’t seem to be playing games or have any tactics, which I find attractive.” The couple both later admit they enjoyed it more than they thought (Picture: ITV) Love Island’s Michael Griffiths and Yewande Biala have not exactly been getting much of the spotlight during their time in the villa – but it looks like some romance has been blooming off camera. The super-smart couple, who paired up on the first day, finally share a snog on tonight’s episode as they play cowboy game The Good, The Bad and The Sexy. When Michael saves Yewande, they have to share a kiss- and it doesn’t take much to turn into a full blown snog. However, after sharing their snog, it appears that both of them were shocked by how much they enjoyed it. Speaking about it in the Beach Hut, Yewande said: ‘Me and Michael did have a snog at the end. While Michael also seems to have gotten giddy-up from the game and added: ‘It was a good kiss. Can the kiss kickstart the couple becoming real players in the game of the show? Meanwhile, the world’s most complicated four-day love triangle/square/pentagon has a new addition in the shape of new girl Mollie-Mae. Yewande and Michael share a passionate kiss during a cowboy game (Picture: ITV) As Lucie tries to make a decision between Joe Garrett and Tommy Fury, Tommy is sent on a date in a hot tub with new girl Mollie. Mollie then makes things even MORE complicated when she’s given the choice of someone else to have a hot tub date with – and she chooses Curtis Pritchard, who is coupled up with Amy. Who else has been kicked out or quit Love Island as Sherif Lanre leaves the villa? Back in the main villa, Amy is seething – and it becomes obvious that Mollie has made a powerful enemy in the blonde air hostess. Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2. If you’ve got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Entertainment team by emailing us, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you. MORE: Love Island’s Joe Garratt is ultimate thirst trap as fans go wild for old pictures MORE: Love Island’s Charlie Frederick actually said ‘bev’ first before Lucie Donlan THE dad of Irish Love Island beauty Yewande Biala says he normally turns a blind eye to his daughter’s dating — but will be glued to the screens every night to see how she gets on. Millions of telly viewers will watch the 23-year-old scientist from Enfield in Co Meath this summer as the Irish star in TV’s famous game of love. 4 Millions of telly viewers will watch 23-year-old scientist Yewande this summer as the Irish star in TV’s famous game of love Credit: Rex Features 4 Luas driver dad Samsun told The Irish Sun he didn’t know what Love Island was – but will now be watching every night Credit: Garrett White – The Sun 4 Yewande qualified from Athlone Institute of Technology with a first class honours in Biotechnology and holds a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Regulations Credit: Instagram But her Luas driver dad Samsun hadn’t even heard of the Virgin Media show until her younger sister ran down the stairs screaming she had been selected to take part. Samsun told the Irish Sun: “At first I was worried something was wrong but then I realised it was good news. I didn’t know anything about Love Island before this but I will be watching it every night now Yewande will be on it. That’s if I’m not working.” The tram driver said he was already immensely proud of his daughter, who qualified from Athlone Institute of Technology with a first class honours in Biotechnology and holds a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Regulations from Dublin Institute of Technology. Samsun said: “Yewande reads a lot. I speak for all of us when I say her family here in Enfield are really happy she is on Love Island, and myself and my wife as her parents are supporting her 100 per cent.” Set to join four other female contestants on Love Island, Yewande is one of the 12 contestants entering the Majorcan villa for the summer, and she has already seen her Instagram followers go from 3,000 to more than 26,500 last night. We think Yewande will do just fine. Nigeria-born Yewande revealed she is hoping to meet Mr Right on Love Island after a string of bad dates. She said: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a good date. All of my dates have been terrible. Nowadays, it’s just through mutual friends I’d meet people or on a night out.” Asked if he had any advice for his daughter on finding the right guy, dad Samsun insisted: “I don’t concern myself with who Yewande is dating or have those conversations.” The hard working driver revealed his bright daughter had been three or four when the family came to Ireland from Nigeria, first moving to Dublin 8, then out to Enfield, where she attended school. After qualifying, she took a job with pharmaceutical firm Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she works as a Quality Assurance Specialist. Most read in Showbiz Exclusive ISLE SHOT THE SHERIF Love Island’s Sherif BOOTED OUT after 9 days for ‘breaking rules’ soap mate Corrie’s Colson Smith now lives with co-star Ben Price after being left homeless price is right Katie Price spent night with Adam Johnson after he ‘bought’ her for €13k critics be zammed It’s ‘onwards and upwards’ for Jennifer Zamparelli after bad review NO LOVE LOST Kady McDermott says she ‘was punched in the face’ in unaired Love Island scene Exclusive rock on The Wolfe Tones vow to land on Rockall and ‘claim rock back for Ireland’ Yewande said: “Every time I say that I’m a scientist, people are shocked. I think there are loads of intelligent people on reality TV. “Last year we had Dr Alex and the year before we had Camilla Thurlow in the villa. I don’t think there is a science to finding love but if there is then I have been reading the wrong books.” Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two on Monday. Love Island: Aftersun returns the following Sunday. Love Island 2019: Meet Yewande Biala the glam scientist

Brendan Rodgers Hull City Millwall F.C.

Neilson: Win at Dunfermline can really turn the screw on Ross County

Dundee United have moved a tantalising two points behind Championship leaders Ross County and you wonder if the nerves will start jangling in Dingwall. Keep winning like they are – this 1-0 victory over Dunfermline was the Tangerines’ third in a week after beating County and Alloa – then the title may not be out of their grasp after all. The winning goal at East End Park was a beauty, with Peter Pawlett running the length of the home half before slotting the ball past keeper Ryan Scully on 24 minutes. United should have added to their lead as they dominated play for long spells but they will be happy to have held on for this result that was secured in front of over 1,300 travelling fans. The home side were unchanged from their last game, the 1-0 win at Alloa on March 9. United had a freekick of their own four minutes later but Pawlett’s effort was collected comfortably by home goalie Ryan Scully. On 13 minutes, Tangerines keeper Benjamin Siegrist had to dive to his right as Louis Longridge’s shot flew in from the edge of the box. This rescheduled game took a while to get going but it burst into life on 24 minutes with a wonderful goal from Pawlett to give the visitors the lead.

The former Aberdeen man burst forward from almost the halfway line after taking a return ball from Safranko, eluded a couple of defensive challenges, raced into the box then poked the ball between Scully and the near post. Just four minutes later, United went close to a second when Safranko tried an acrobatic kick just yards from goal following Pawlwett’s corner but it was blocked on the line by Dunfermline captain Lee Ashcroft. The visitors were on the up since the goal and they had another go at the hosts on 40 minutes, with Paul McMullan darting into the box on the right side and sending over a dangerous cross-shot that had the home defence worried. Pars defender Danny Devine picked up the match’s first booking on 44 minutes then United almost finished the half with a flourish but Safrakno’s bullet header flew just wide. The only regret for the visitors following a fine first 45 minutes was that they weren’t two or three up. After the restart, a mistake by United’s Seaman let in Louis Longridge who ran forward before sending over a cross that was just too far in front of Bruce Anderson. The Tangerines were soon back on the attack on 50 minutes, though, and Scully had to dive low to turn Safranko’s strike past for a corner. The Pars had won five games in a row but they weren’t their usual selves and they were on the back foot again when Safranko sent in another dangerous header that went wide.

United, who were getting excellent performances from Robson, Pawlett and Safranko to name but a few, were bombing forward looking for a second. Their Slovakian striker, who played against Wales for his country on Sunday, deserved a goal but he clipped the bar with a header on 68 minutes. The Tannadice men then made a substitution, bringing on Stanton for Pawlett, while Dunfermline also switched Karl Higginbotham with Faissal El Bakhtaoui. Louis Longridge of the Pars got a yellow card then Robson was booked for a bad foul on El Bakhtaoui as things got rather heated. McMullan was then jeered off by the home fans as he was subbed, only for Clark, another former Par, to replace him. Dunfermline also made a change, with Blair going off and Matthew Todd coming on. Longridge (Hippolyte 84), Anderson, Devine, Thomson, Craigan, Blair (Todd 79). Dundee United: Siegrist, Booth, McMullan (Clark 79), Safranko, Robson, Butcher, Bouhenna, Reynolds, Harkes, Seaman (Watson 87), Pawlett (Stanton 69) Subs not used: Laidlaw, Fyvie, Gomis, Nesbitt.

Michael Gardyne scored Ross County’s winner at East End Park Ross County came from behind to beat Dunfermline Athletic and stay clear at the top of the Scottish Championship. On-loan Aberdeen striker Bruce Anderson slotted in a debut goal from a Faissal El Bakhtaoui pass just before the break having squandered a couple of chances. With Partick Thistle and Falkirk both winning, Dunfermline are only four points off the foot of the table. Dunfermline head coach Stevie Crawford: “The reality is we have lost the game and we have a couple of weeks now where we will be asking questions of ourselves. “If we perform consistently to the levels we did in the first half, then we will give ourselves a real chance of winning games.” Ross County co-manager Stuart Kettlewell: “Results like this are massive – we know this is going to be the nature of the league, but what pleased us was the character. But they came together as a group in the second half and dug one out.” Falkirk failed to build on last weekend’s win over Alloa as they fell to a 2-0 home defeat to rivals Dunfermline Athletic. Pars keepers Lee Robinson was not called in to action during the 90 minutes as Andy Ryan and former Bairn Myles Hippolyte netted the goals to condemn Falkirk to seventh league defeat of the season. The atmosphere was electric at kick off with the Pars support in the North Stand and the Falkirk fans in the South doing their best to drown the other out.

However by half time the Falkirk cheers had turned to boos after the visitors dominated the opening 45 minutes. Leo Fasan had a busy afternoon and was first called upon on 20 minutes when he palmed away a Faisall El Bakhtoui shot from 15 yards which was then cleared away. Lee Ashcroft headed wide from a Malaurey Martin corner as the visitors continued to push for an opener which eventually came on 40 minutes. Louis Longridge crossed the ball from the right and Andy Ryan met it at the near post, Fasan got a hand on it but the header was too powerful for the Italian and Dunfermline had a deserved lead. Falkirk made two substitutions at half time with Marcus Haber and Tommy Robson replacing Joe McKee and Dennon Lewis. Fasan saved twice from him early in the second half then again when he made a run from half way which resulted in a shot brilliantly saved low to his right by the former Celtic stopper. Aidan Connolly and Andy Ryan both had shots hit the side netting as the half progressed with Falkirk not at the races. Their first real and indeed only attempt came when Patrick Brough shot wide from 18 yards.

Dunfermline brought on Myles Hippolyte much to the dismay of the Falkirk support who let the ex-Bairn know their feelings. The Falkirk keeper had done his utmost to keep his side in the game and produced another fine save from Hippolyte when he palmed his shot upwards and off the cross bar before being cleared. However the Dunfermline pressure finally paid off and Hippolyte secured the points on 89 minutes. “But, following today’s decision, we will reach out to the whole community, even those who have objected to the plans, so that we can work positively with them to deliver a community sports hub that meets their aspirations, best-in-class football training facilities and, ultimately, a stadium that the whole region can be proud of.” Aberdeen City Council granted planning permission for the stadium and training facilities in April last year. The decision was challenged by a group called No Kingsford Stadium, who say the council failed to show there were no other available alternatives to the site. An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “We note the outcome of the judicial review and welcome the court’s ruling that a robust planning process was followed in determining the application.” The past couple of days have been about rest and recovery for Dundee United but the aim is for another three points at Dunfermline tonight to cut the gap at the top of the Championship to just two points. Other than their preparation for the East End Park trip, after energy-sapping wins over Ross County and Alloa last week, work on the training pitch for the Tangerines has been kept to a minimum. However, boss Robbie Neilson believes his men will be ready for the attempt to secure a win that would blow the race with Ross County for automatic promotion wide open. Victory tonight would leave United two points off the top and knowing wins over Queen of the South and then County, on Friday week, could see them move ahead of the Highlanders in the second tier if they drop points. For Robbie, though, it’s a case of first things first and that means taking care of business this evening, saying: “With the games coming like they are, it is hard, but we’ll go to Dunfermline looking to win. “If we can it will be massive to get the gap down to two and we would like to be in a position where we go to Ross County next week with a chance to really turn the screw on them. “We’ve got two games before that, Dunfermline and Queen of the South, and we have to take care of them. East End Park is always difficult and, because Dunfermline didn’t play on Saturday, they will be fresh. United will have striker Pavol Safranko back from international duty tonight and defender Mark Connolly is expected to be fit.

Kenya and Algeria will face-off after Senegal and Tanzania open the group doors in Sunday’s early match.

Afcon 2019: Harambee Stars will fight hard against Algeria – Wanyama

ALGERIA face Kenya as they start their Africa Cup of Nations campaign in Cairo. Riyad Mahrez and Les Verts will be expecting to get out of this group, which also contains Tanzania and Senegal. 1 Man City’s Riyad Mahrez will be pivotal to Algeria’s Afcon fortunes Credit: Getty – Contributor What time does Algeria vs Kenya kick off? THIS clash will be held on Sunday, June 23. Kick-off is at 9pm in the UK and Algeria – 10pm in Egypt and 11pm in Kenya. It’s 23 years since these sides last met, when Algeria won 1-0 in World Cup 98 qualifying. Which TV channel is Algeria vs Kenya on and can I live stream it? YOU can watch this game live on Eurosport 2.


The channel is available to Sky and Virgin customers, whilst Sky Entertainment subscribers also receive it as part of their package. In Algeria the match will be live on EPTV and beIN Sports. Can I live stream Algeria vs Kenya? If you want to stream, head to the Eurosport Player and subscribe from just £4.99. What is the team news? Kenya: Matasi; Otieno, Okumu, Mohamed, Omar; Olunga, Wanyama, Kahata, Oghiambo; Omondi, Masika Senegal made light of the absence of suspended forward Sadio Mane to dispatch Tanzania with a convincing 2-0 win in their opening Africa Cup of Nations match on Sunday. Keita Balde put them ahead in the first half and Krepin Diatta rifled a shot through a crowd of players for the second just after the hour to confirm Senegal’s dominance in the Group C match. Seen as one of the teams most likely to challenge hosts and favourites Egypt for the title, Senegal were too strong and fast for Tanzania who were making their first appearance at the finals since 1980.

djamel belmadi

Senegal celebrate after Keita Balde scored the opening goal. KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images Senegal could easily have won by more goals if their finishing had been more accurate, with forward Mbaye Niang the main culprit. Algeria were facing Kenya in Group C later on Sunday. President Uhuru Kenya and Deputy President William Ruto have wished Harambee Stars best of luck ahead of encounter with Algeria inn the ongoing Afcon 2019 competition in Cairo Egypt. Uhuru further asked Kenyans to turn out and cheer while praying for the Stars who will be making an appearance at the tournament after 15 years. “President Uhuru Kenyatta wishes #HarambeeStars best of success as they take on Algeria in their first match of the ongoing #AFCON2019. The President urges Kenyans to pray for and cheer on our national team as it flies the Kenyan flag in Africa’s highest football championship,” read a tweet on State House twitter handle. The Deputy president had earlier on flooded his social media with photos as he dribbled a ball in solidarity with the team under Sebastien Migne and captain Victor Wanyama.

algeria national football team

On Thursday opposition leader and African Union Special Envoy for Infrastructure Raila Odinga visited the team and gave them motivation ahead of the tournament. The Victor Wanyama-led squad will battle against Tanzania, Senegal and Algeria in the group stages match. Some Kenyans on Twitter were, however, not happy with Raila’s visit, saying it is an omen. While some said it was okay for Raila who doubles as the Africa Union special envoy for infrastructure to visit the team, others said he would have waited for the team to at least have two encounters. Our live updates appear below the text. Scroll down to follow the action. Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi says unfancied Kenya will not be underestimated when the two sides clash in their opening Africa Cup of Nations match in Group C on Sunday in Cairo. Kenya are returning to the continental showpiece for the first time since 2004 and will head into their showdown with an Algerian squad featuring former African footballer of the year Riyad Mahrez as clear underdogs.

However, the Desert Foxes missed out on qualifying for last year’s World Cup and fared poorly at the 2017 Cup of Nations as they crashed out in the group stage. “You must not take these (smaller) teams lightly,” Belmadi said Saturday. “We saw a balanced match last night (between Egypt and Zimbabwe). We’ve more than been warned.” “We’re a team that is in the process of rebuilding and that wants to do well,” said Belmadi, keen to temper expectations. Afcon LIVE: Algeria vs Kenya Our live updates will appear below. They might take a little while to load on slower connections. Please be patient, we apologise for any inconvenience. Additional reporting by TSA staff, agencies. Afcon 2019: Harambee Stars will fight hard against Algeria – Wanyama Wanyama will captain the Kenyan team as they make entry into Afcon stage, a place they last graced in 2004 The Harambee Stars players are not under pressure whatsoever ahead of the first match against, captain Victor Wanyama has said. and are viewed as Group C’s underdogs with and Algeria seen as the favourites, but Wanyama has warned that Kenya will fight for better results. “I don’t think we are under pressure. We were under more pressure during qualification. Here we are out to enjoy the game and most importantly show that we are not pushovers,” Wanyama told reporters in. Article continues below Kenya will face the Desert Warriors with a depleted defensive line, after Joash Onyango was ruled out of the opening two matches due to a toe injury suffered in Saturday’s training session. Brian Mandela will not be involved either as he is recuperating from a knee injury. “Algeria is a good team. We respect them but on the pitch, we are going to fight. We will try to make it difficult for them,” added the Hotspur midfielder. Kenya and Algeria will face-off after Senegal and Tanzania open the group doors in Sunday’s early match.


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Watchmen HBO trailer breakdown and analysis

HBO has released the first official teaser for Watchmen, showing a reality where superheroes are unlawful, dangerous, and a major threat…but quite possibly the only people who can save the world. Following months of cryptic images and teasers, HBO has finally released the first official teaser trailer for Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen series, which is HBO’s first superhero show. The series stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, and others as folks trying to get by in a world where vigilantes are seen as dangerous outlaws. This version of Watchmen is being called a “modern-day reimagining” of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic graphic novel, set 10 years after all previous continuities—instead of a one-to-one adaptation, like Zack Snyder’s 2009 film. Irons is said to be playing an older version of Ozymandias, Nelson is playing an FBI agent whose role was expanded after he was cast, and Jean Smart is portraying a new character called Agent Blake, whose sole purpose is stopping vigilantes. HBO still hasn’t announced an official release date, but the teaser says to expect Watchmen sometime this spring. Damon Lindelof is making a Watchmen TV series for HBO. While the big screen Watchmen movie adaptation divided audiences, fans have long dreamed of what it would be like if a cable network undertook a massive adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ towering, inescapable comic book masterpiece.

Well, HBO finally took everyone up on that, readying a Watchmen TV series for a fall release. Instead, HBO’s Watchmen is a continuation of Moore and Gibbons’ work, moving the world forward to (presumably) the present day, and the action from New York City to Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s only one recognisable character from the book present in this HBO footage, although the legacies of nearly every major player from Watchmen can be felt in various characters and shots. Watchmen ends with Rorschach’s journal likely about to be discovered by the staff of New Frontiersman, an aggressively reactionary publication. Does their “tick tock” chant indicate that they refer to themselves as “The Watchmen?” Or maybe that’s what the police are called in this world? The original Nite Owl, Hollis Mason, was a police officer before was inspired to become a superhero by the one-two punch of seeing Superman on the cover of Action Comics #1 on the newsstands and headlines about Hooded Justice appearing on the scene shortly thereafter. The argument can be made that superheroes serving in an official capacity in the Watchmen universe have more in common with the Comedian than Nite Owl (especially given how that funeral scene pays homage to Eddie Blake’s funeral… In fact, let’s go with the detective angle, as both King’s character and this mysterious silver fella are shown operating in broad daylight, wearing badges, and seemingly investigating a crime scene with more “traditional” (yet still masked) uniformed officers.

Silver Mask here (not his actual name) is shown in front of a trio of screens, each showing key moments from American history, including astronauts, soldiers (American heroes), a cowboy (one of the prototypes for the lone vigilante/superhero archetype), and an atomic bomb explosion (both a reference to Doctor Manhattan and the questionable decisions about securing victory at any cost… Is it possible that after going into hiding at the end of Watchmen, Laurie decided that she needed to continue doing good, perhaps to make up for some of the morally grey things her masked (and blue) compatriots engaged in, and sought out a job in the FBI? It’s interesting to note how little digital technology there appears to be in the world in this trailer, and Veidt seems to prefer an analogue existence in his study/meditation room. Even though this shot appears directly after the Black Freighter moment in the trailer (more on that in a minute), it’s almost certainly not part of that particular callback to the comics. So it’s not clear what’s happening here, and the trailer is deliberately misleading, as this is intercut with clips of the Rorschachs apparently shooting down a police helicopter, while this family could very well just be observing a fireworks display. But this shot of what could be a “typical American family” in the Watchmen world of 2019 holds a few clues. This family seems to have adopted two Vietnamese children, and considering that Doctor Manhattan won the Vietnam War in the Watchmen universe and the United States likely annexed the country, this could be something celebrating victory/unity. However, referencing the space squid almost certainly means that the Watchmen TV series is a sequel to the comic book, rather than the Zack Snyder movie which controversially changed the book’s ending (although we’re rather fond of the movie’s ending, whatever other problems the movie has).

Watchmen used Tales Of The Black Freighter, an imaginary pirate comic book, as a way to parallel the ongoing events of its world. Watchmen established that superhero comics quickly fell out of favour in a world that had real masked adventurers, so pirate comics instead became the escapist entertainment of choice. It’s easy to imagine that HBO is running Tales Of The Black Freighter instead of Game Of Thrones in this world. Is Don Johnson’s police chief using the “tick-tock” as a means to clue someone in that he’s actually in with the Rorschach Klan, or is this merely one anonymous policeman’s way of greeting another? The first trailer for HBO’s adaptation of Watchmen has been released, and it reveals a fresh take on Alan Moore’s cult graphic novel. Created by Lost’s Damon Lindelof, the new series is described as a “remix” of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ novel and takes place several years after the original has been brought to an end. In the first trailer, we receive our first look at a cast that includes Regina King, Hong Chau, Tim Blake Nelson and Don Johnson. Perhaps most significantly, there’s also the smallest of glimpses of Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias – an antihero who played a significant role in Moore’s original novel.

Watchmen was previously adapted for the big screen by Zack Snyder and received mixed reviews upon release in 2009. The latest comic book adaptation is set during the preparation for the apocalypse, as superheroes have been turned into outlaws. Marking the burial of a police officer and a series of apparently random strangers living their every day lives, the chilling voice of the Watchmen speaks over them, with the masked team warning they are ‘everyone and noone’ at the same time. King, who is seen fighting bad guys during the clip, is joined by an all-star cast including: Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr. and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Damon Lindelop, who has been left in charge of the TV version of the cult classic comic series, reassured fans last year that the show was going to be breaking new ground in the lore surrounding Watchmen. The masked team had a warning for everyone in the new Watchmen trailer (Picture: HBO) Watchmen is coming soon to HBO, with a UK release unconfirmed. HBO’s teaser for its upcoming television series Watchmen re-introduces a world in which superheroes have become outlaws. Created by Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers), Watchmen is a contemporary take on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

The Watchmen series stars Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr, Adelaide Clemens and Andrew Howard. Jeremy Irons plays Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. The teaser, which released on Wednesday, opens with a gang of armed vigilantes wearing the distinctive inkblot-like mask of Rorschach, a crime fighter with extremist views. Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias in Watchmen.